Current Apparatus

Current Apparatus


Engine 111

Engine  111 - 1974/1996 Mack CF600/Recondition 1996 by Lady & Taylor with 1500 gpm Pump & 1000 gallon tank.

Primary 1st due on all Hydrant areas for mutual aid and 1st due out on all 11 boxes and MVA.






Engine Tanker 112 

Engine/Tanker 112  - 2004 Pierce Dash 1250 gpm pump, 2500 gallon tank, 27 gallon CAF system & 3000 gallon folding tank.

Primary 1st due on non-Hydrant areas for mutual aid and second out on all 11 boxes. In addition will be alerted goes on Tanker Task force.






Brush 115 

Brush truck 115 -  1969/1989 GMC 3/4 ton truck (oldest of the fleet) with 500 gpm with front mount portable pump & 300 gallon tank. Refurbished in 1989 from Lady and Taylor.

Primary 1st due on all brush fires in 11 boxes and mutual aid.







Special Unit 11 

Special Unit 11 -  1999 KME 550 4x4 Ford chassis.

This unit is equipped with Hurst tool, airbags, wood blocking, water rescue equipment, and medical & first aid gear.

Primary 1st due on all ambulance assist and MVA's.